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About A New Commons

What If We Found Natural Ways Forward to a New Way of Life?

WOULD YOU LIKE to experience camaraderie, occasional hilarity, light-hearted but obviously wise, quick-witted intercourse about matters of most importance to the future of civilization and the survival of the species?

Would you like to experience the joy of transformative change by simply being who you are in the Good Company of other suitably delightful Cracker Jacks?

It just might be that the future of society depends on that very sort of thing. If some sweet whisper in your soul suspects this is so… this Club for Social Evolution Enthusiasts just might be the place for you. 

Actively participating in the Great Unfolding means getting with Natural and Life-Giving Practices. 

Every small group, association, community, and workplace is a place to do it. You’re there anyway, so why not? Right?

Doesn’t dancing as fully with life as possible sound like just the thing to do?

We’re here to show you how, travel with you when you’d like, to learn and grow together on the road to Living Wholeness. 

This space is Phenomenally Phenomenological. We like it real, direct, experiential. We do stuff to learn, learn to do stuff, and integrate each with the other every step of the way. 

Every free gathering, ticketed event, workshop, or community of practice is Highly Participatory. 

Each of these pockets of activity progressively steps into practices, patterns, principles, and structures for Social Evolution and Living Wholeness.

Start where you like. Every step leads to all the others. Eventually. 

By the time your journey is complete you will have seen it all. 

Follow Your Enthusiasms!

Cultivating Community
Every second Friday we host Cultivating Community, a 90-minute, life-giving Community Conversation. Always free and open to all, this gathering has been called a “fortnightly feast for the soul."

RSVP here: https://anewcommons.mn.co/spaces/7121598/events 

Activating Community
Join bi-annual Summits and quarterly Core Conversations with friends, colleagues, and strangers alike to cook things up and get things done through life-giving structures, practices, and patterns.

Generative Journalism | Journalist as Witness
Honed over 20 years in communities, networks, workplaces, and in the storied lineage of all the rest of this, Generative Journalism is way to see people, and the public, into fuller existence. 

Our Generative Journalism stream includes quarterly Generative Journalism Workshops and Monthly Community of Practice on the fourth Tuesday.

Participatory Leadership | Leader as Convenor and Host
Life abounds most where leader has evolved from hero to host. Rather than direction, connection. Rather than answers, questions. 

Much to unlearn. Much to learn. Tricky Business.

Our Participatory Leadership stream includes quarterly Hosting Arts Workshops and Monthly Community of Practice on the second Tuesday.

Social Architecture | Social Architect as Sage
Wisdom it will take to reshape our social structures for healing, wholeness, agency, beauty, and belonging. In the meantime, Generative practices and patterns can be scuttled by bad design. Interesting Problem. 

Our Social Architecture Circle meets twice a month. On the first Wednesday we work concepts. On the third Wednesday, we attend the practical concerns of our members.

On The Whole…
We’ll gather ourselves up and weave our work in the world with one another and so cultivate movement in the direction of Living Wholeness and the Good Life for All.

Serious. Fun.

Join us.