Welcome to A New Commons

Join us in our Mighty Network

What if we wove our associations, communities, and enterprises together in a locally rooted, globally connected, and sensing social fabric?

A New Commons is a network of communities, a community of communities woven together around the world by the relationships between their members. What might be possible if we cultivate aliveness in every community while connecting with, supporting, and learning from one another with intention, persistence, and associative activity?

What is A New Commons Network?
A New Commons is an intentional and co-funded community of connectors, learners, practitioners, builders and associative partners that offers:

  • Bi-weekly generative gatherings, ongoing media, and connection spaces made freely available to all
  • An annual pattern of gatherings, summits, workshops, communities of practice, and learning journeys for members and collaborative partners
  • Support for member-initiated associative activity
  • Practice Grounds
  • A generative social ecology cultivated by practitioners of the hosting and narrative arts
  • A perennial and liberating social architecture
  • Collaborative Stewardship of Generative Dialogue and Media Initiatives

Join us.